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Data Visualization

AIGA Design Census
Data Re-Visualization

Bringing census data to life through AR

Noah Johnson, Angee Attar, Lily Kim, Lucy Yu, Kevin Gao

To visualize a perspective on the data from the 2016 AIGA Census.

In 2016, AIGA produced the groundbreaking AIGA Design Census, giving designers, for the first time, a holistic understanding of the current state of the industry. Each Team was challenged to choose a perspective to visualize the data and bring it to life.

Our team chose to focus on the correlation between salary and identity across its many facets (gender, ethnicity, region, type of design profession and average salary). We used a collaborative, iterative process that involved analyzing and parsing data, visualizing, mapping and printing at immense scale (4’ x 15’) for engagement and intrigue and finally creating an augmented reality user interface to provide an engaging experience for the user to explore the results of the data. Created multiple iterations at each step and re-designed, refined and re-printed the immense-scale map several times. It was necessary for the team to develop code to parse data and map out the data interactions.  
The combination of the data chosen, the size visual layout of the relationships and the ability for the user to engage via augmented reality created a highly engaging user experience. It also led to many discussions as the data showed a wide discrepancy in earnings across regions and also across ethnicities, something that would not have been clear from simply viewing the data.

Watch our video here.