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Beechwood Art & Innovation

Beechwood Arts & Innovation is a multi-arts non-profit that is redefining what the arts experience can be for the 21st Century.

Develop new branding, identity, business cards, collateral material  and create a promotional video to launch its 5th year.

Beechwood Arts is a 501(c)3 whose mission is to change what the arts experience can be for the 21st Century by creating community and bringing together artists from many fields to collaborate. They integrate cutting edge technology into their events and into the artworks to bring visual art to life as well as conduct 2-way streaming with other locations around the world.

Despite the cutting edge technology and completely innovative approach, their branding was old-fashioned and evoked history rather than the future. The challenge was to pay tribute to the history of the arts, to their 1806 space and the signature 300 year old Copper Beech tree, while making it clear that Beechwood was focused on the future.
Used immersive techniques of attending events, talking with patrons and collaborating with the founders to develop a fresh new logo that integrates the Copper Beech tree and calls out the mission and value propositions of the organization. Created a 3-word tag  "Intimate. Immersive. Innovative" in the logo, communicating the essence of the organization which is clearly about innovation, multi-arts and personal connection.

Filmed, edited and created story line for a promotional, documentary-style short film featuring participants and patrons of all ages and backgrounds talking about their experience. The film brings to life the collaborative, innovative nature of the organization, the founders and the place.

Logo, Business Cards, Promotional Mailer, Documentary Short Film