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Event Identity

Carnegie Mellon Racing

CMR is the top Formula SAE Electric team in North America, winning the biggest Formula SAE Electric Championship in the country.

They bring together the brightest engineers at Carnegie Mellon University to design and build a fully electric Formula 1 style race car to compete with university Formula SAE teams around the world.

Hired by the organization to create the livery design (exterior paint scheme) for the 2018 electric race car '18E'. 

Gathered insights from the extensive group of engineers and from students in the College of Fine Arts. Throughout the project, created over 50 concepts and iterations to establish a powerful and unique identity for the organization and their race cars that would be used on their cars for years to come.
Created the livery using the official color palette of CMU, specifically the colors of Tartan Plaid, the university's official pattern. It is meant to evoke the style and feeling of the plaid all students know and love, in an abstracted and geometric execution.

The livery was hand-painted by PPG Paints in Pittsburgh.