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In addition to the main project I worked on, I also created the winning video entry out of all Fjord offices for Fjord’s global annual Equinox conference.


Fjord: Design & Innovation
from Accenture Interactive

Fjord brings breakthrough digital services to life by redesigning people’s relationships with the world around them.

Note: This project is still in development and non-disclosures prevent showing the full actual work or disclosing the name of the client. More work was produced then what I am able to show here.

Summer Intern: Designer June 1– August 15, 2017 New York, NY

Worked as part of the collaborative team of designers and developers to visualize & map the guest journey from booking to departure and develop a Property Engagement Platform, a leading edge interaction platform that will revolutionize the guest experience, delighting the user while dramatically enhancing the ability for properties to deliver superior service. The final solution will be rolled out to properties worldwide.

The traditional hotel guest experience has become inefficient, cumbersome and stale, lacking any excitement or joy for the user. The journey from booking to arrival to stay to departure is fragmented, and each step is riddled with customer frustrations and inefficiencies compromising the overall user experience and the service that the company can offer.

The Fjord team was asked to re-imagine the entire customer journey and re-design the guest experience integrating technology in ways that make it more exciting and convenient for guests and allow hotel management to personalize and increase the quality of their the service.
Worked with the team of Interaction Designers in a  series of ideations to translate the human-centered research Fjord had done in the field to develop solutions for a "future state" guest experience.
  • Created a visual language and animated wire frames to visualize the user journey within the app.
  • Designed and produced a set of large-scale interactive storyboards, each illustrating a different step in the customer journey and showing wireframes and the visual language. 
  • Designed and produced a companion set of cards used interactively with the client team in a “Rumble” session to iterate and refine the design solutions for a final prototype.
  • Filmed and edited the client “Rumble” session to create a final set of video products of the outcome.
  • Worked with Visual Designers to refine final prototypes of the "Future State"

The new Property Engagement Platform integrates new technologies and transforms the hotel experience for the guest into a streamlined, engaging and personalized experience with a high level of service.  It is still in the final stages of development and is expected to be rolled out first across its newest brand and then across all properties worldwide over the next 5 years.

“Noah was a great addition to the team that easily adapted to our design methodology. His skill set is very diverse and he was able to take on any request. Noah was an instant cultural fit and a rising star. He will be an incredible addition to any team.”

— Ivis Mas, Design Director, Fjord

“Noah's willingness to learn and his flexibility to develop new techniques within his craft made him a pleasure to work with. He is a highly motivated team player with great collaboration and communication skills.”

Hideki Aono, Visual Designer, Fjord