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Event Identity

Inter·punct Architecture Journal

inter·punct is a CMU architecture journal that stretches beyond traditional architecture.

Develop a series of promotional pieces including posters, animations & digital video projections that will increase awareness and elevate the status of the journal for its 2017 re-launch. Use the organization's CMYK color palette & logo.

There was very low awareness of the journal and it was not perceived as dynamic. The black & white format (which could not be changed) gave the impression of an out-of-date traditional architecture journal. The challenge was to create multi-format materials that would increase the awareness of the journal and communicate its cutting edge feel.

Part of inter·punct's identity is that it “it disrupts, agitates, demystifies.” The solution went beyond architecture that to communicate the disruptive, active part of its identity. Brightly colored, structural, wire-frames that dynamically move and reshape themselves around the black and white journal brings this to life. The wire-frame shapes reference architecture but their movement hinted that inter·punct was not a traditional, staid journal.
2 Poster Series, Animation, Digital Video Projection for Launch, Documentary Video of the Re-Launch Event

The poster series drew new readers and got the attention of students beyond architecture. It established a memorable look that generated more attention and made people curious about the journal. Attendance was high at the re-launch event and the digital projections and new look communicated dynamism and created buzz and curiosity.