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New York Life

Reimagining what insurance can mean for small and medium businesses.

This start-up has developed a ground-breaking product, N-Stent (early name) that offers a simple and inexpensive alternative to surgery for sufferers of chronic nasal obstruction, which affects tens of millions of Americans.

The product is due to complete clinical trials this year and I was hired in June 2018 as part of a collaborative team to bring this start-up into the mainstream by creating identity, awareness and consumer connection. My role as a designer is to bring the brand to life via branding and identity work along with video-based content and stories.

The challenge is to work with the new brand name (not yet released) to help create a full brand identity and video-based stories that will do a number of things:
  • Clearly communicate the immediate functional features and benefits of the product
  • Clearly communicate its differentiated value proposition
  • Tap into and connect to the emotional drivers of those who suffer from chronic nasal obstruction
  • Provide a base identity that will give the founders “permission” from customers to build a line of products under the brand that can cover both analog and digital solutions under the same umbrella.

We are in the early stages of planning, but I will be working closely with the team to understand current and future product projections, stay close to the research from the clinical trial to build empathy with users and potential users and engage in iterative design with the team. Once we’ve established the base, I will begin working on creating and releasing video-driven content.

Work in progress under NDA