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Ratatouille & Co.

“A sophisticated catering company with a social purpose”

Create a promotional video that tells the story of the social mission of this innovative start-up.

Ratatouille & Co is a catering company that provides opportunities for women who are facing challenges in their lives including refugees, immigrants and women who need help with financial independence. They are also a high-end catering company so the challenge was to tell the story of the mission-driven side of their business while also making it clear that the focus is equally on delicious, high-quality food and customer service.  

Listened to the company's story and attended several events, first observing then filming. Interviewed employees and worked with a translator.  Edited footage, overlaid translations, integrated music and fully produced video.

The video is featured on the website’s landing page. It tells an emotional and uplifting story and has generated many leads and contracts for the founders.