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Event Identity


Brand identity and promotional materials for Tartanhacks 2017, CMU's largest hackathon.

Tartanhacks was facing increasing competition from other hackathons. They had never engaged a professional designer to create branding or a logo, and they felt they needed to stand out and elevate their brand. Their old branding had iconography that did not speak at all to what they did or what they stood for. They also wanted to create more awareness and trial by novices and new students.

Created an animated graphic to bring a sense of dynamic fun to the event and make it feel accessible to novices and newbies. Created a bold logo to get attention that integrates a circuitry aesthetic and iconography. Used colored bars as the main graphic element reflecting how colored code looks on screen, in a low-fidelity way.
The new logo, outdoor banners, t-shirts, promotional materials and website got attention and increased participation by 30% for the 2017 hackathon.

Logo, Posters, T-shirts, Outdoor Promotional Banners, Website Look & Feel, Video of Event

"Noah's branding gave our event an air of professionalism and quality that exceeded our expectations. He captured the spirit of our hackathon and set us apart from our peers."

—Scott Krulcik, Director of Technology @ ScottyLabs