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UChicago SUPERgroup

This start-up research group focuses on computer security, privacy, and human-computer interaction (HCI). 

Their  focus is to use data-driven methods to help users make better security and privacy decisions, as well as to greatly improve the usability of complex computer systems for non-technical users.

Work for this on-going client includes branding and identity for UChicago SUPERGROUP overall as well as branding and identity for suite of research products that make cyber security easy and useful for the user and were each awarded a Mozilla Research Grant.

(Overall Branding) The internet research landscape is crowded, particularly for cyber security. The client operates similar to a B2B relationship with little external promotion. They needed branding that would quickly and clearly identify the name and purpose of the research they offered, be easy to use on materials and differentiate them from other research labs.
(Research Projects) The SUPERgroup won a Mozilla Research Grant for three development of three products that would improve user-centered internet privacy. The client wanted simple and direct branding that communicated the overall concept and each product quickly and functionally.

Worked through several iterations with the client to understand the products. Developed 3 levels of branding and identity for the various facets of research products for the Mozilla grant products.
  • Protecting users privacy on the web
  • Browser Communication To Users and how that is interpreted by users
  • Browser Extension Tracker that tracks and visually displays to the user what information advertising agencies are tracking on them

"Noah is my go-to designer for branding my research lab's projects. He is always responsive, professional, and creative. I appreciate his keen sense for distilling the essence of what I'm working on into graphical form."

— Blase Ur, Founder